Recycled Cotton

For a greener future

Recycled cotton

for a greener future

Yarns produced with recycled cotton meet the need to reduce pollution and to produce in a more sustainable way to preserve the resources of the planet we live in. The global trend is always more focused on recovering and limiting waste and Vicario Cinque wants to follow this path too.

Vicario Cinque has always shown a particular attention to the topic of sustainability, starting from the close collaboration with small Venetian laboratories, which produce high quality garments with a low enviromental impact. An example are Matilde and Martina sweaters in recycled cotton, a concrete step towards a “greener” world.

By using and choosing recycled cotton for the clothing tailoring it is possible to reduce worldwide waste brought daily to landfills. The use of recycled cotton is the most consistent with ecological and sustainable environmental policies.

A third of the garments produced in the world are made with cotton fibers and up to 2,700 liters of water are used for a single T-shirt, to which is added the “environmental cost” coming from the cultivation of the land.

Processing recycled fibers can help reduce the enormous use of resources, including CO2 emissions which decrease by 80%.

Private: Maglia Matilde in cotone riciclato

Private: Maglia Martina in cotone riciclato

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