Our product is born in Colli Berici in the Venetian hills, where the paths climb up the mountains to the illustrious villas of ancient lords, where the churches have the facades adorned with ivy and scrub, where the silent groves open onto the fields and vineyards that reach the sea.
Our dresses are born in these places, between beauty and mystery.

Venetian villas

The refinement and taste of Vicario Cinque find inspiration in the elegant Venetian villas that populate colli Berici. The name itself pays homage to the vicar’s residence and the concept of Italianness.
The close link with the villas in this area is also represented by another residence, Villa Piovene, the future “home” of Vicario Cinque and bearer of values, first of all elegance and classicism transpiring from the Brand’s collections.


Craftsmanship, a territory rich in experience in the manufacturing sector and an historical-artistic culture renown worldwide are the real strength of Vicario Cinque.
This is how our story begins, where taste and attention have always guided the work of skilled hands.

Sustainability and ethic

Today believing in a greener and more human world cannot be a simple desire, but a real duty. The road leading to this world is still long, but Vicario Cinque has decided to follow it since its birth.
The brand is committed to the aim of creating sustainable work, to create garments using exclusively eco-leather and eco-fur and to use a short and controlled supply chain, which prefers small workshops, great craftsmanship and sincere love for clothing.


We dress a self-aware woman, determined and attentive to the values ​​of her time; a woman who loves success, but does not need to flaunt it.
A woman who chooses to live under the sign of intelligence and delicacy.


Vicario Cinque collections are characterized by soft and feminine lines that find their maximum expression in timeless models, declined in a wide variety of fabrics. From the iconic taffetas, punto milano and neoprene, to the fresher linen and cotton, each collection presents the right mix of style and research.
Our aim is to create a functional total look suitable for any occasion.


Lifestyle brand

Vicario Cinque aims to become a lifestyle brand.
An important project we are working on is the one dedicated to the home collection, composed by the exclusive fragrance with vanilla, juniper berries and cardamom notes, and from the set of ceramics produced in Nove, a well-known Vicenza town.


The first monobrand store in Pordenone and the new headquarters of Milan showroom have been recently inaugurated.
The design of both is the result of a careful project of identity communication with materials closely linked to Veneto region: from the brass of the Venetian three-light windows, to the marble of the imposing central table, to conclude with the ceramic vases of Nove.
A project that sees a bright future of internationalization for Vicario Cinque, thanks to the Venetian allure that distinguishes it.