The beauty of mistery

Our product is created in the territory of Vicenza, where the paths climb hills until noble villas of ancient lords and churches adorned with ivy and a silent grove that opens into the plain passing through fields and vineyards leading to the sea. Our clothes are born in these places, between beauty and mystery.

Made in Vicenza

Vicario Cinque has the elegance, care and attention that characterize the Venetian tailoring all over the world. The ability to choose with great taste, the deep knowledge of fabrics and materials and the delicate and expert touch of skilled hands are the secret of our collections.


One of the most important figures who lived in villa Piovene was Adelina Sartori, commonly called Adele, a woman heavily engaged in the artistic and cultural life of the time, of great talent, tenacity and femininity.
It’s because this iconic character that we wanted to dedicate a small part of our collections through a modern reinterpretation of her face: a way to revive the spirit of this iconic eighteenth-century heroine and give it a contemporary character in which to recognize oneself.


We dress a capable and determined woman, heedful of our values, who loves success, but does not need to flaunt it.
A woman who describes living in the sign of intelligence and delicacy.

Real price

We believe that a short supply chain should have as a consequence an ethic price, accessible by who loves elegance.

Controlled supply chain

We uses neither leather, not fur, but quality fabrics worked within a short and controlled supply chain. We believe that the clothing industry has to be sustainable and respectful of the environment.

How to stand out with intelligence and discretion.