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Vicario Cinque behind the scenes

The inteview with its founder, Stefano Lora

Where do you mainly draw inspiration for your Vicario Cinque collections?

From Vicario Cinque’s muse: the contemporary woman, heedful of our values, that loves quality clothing but doesn’t need to flaunt it. This woman prefers fits that are modern yet not too edgy, and is also not afraid to appreciate the value for money as she thinks that quality is supposed to have an ethical price.

How does it feel to dress Vicario Cinque?

You feel attractive, fascinating and, if I may say so, sensual, but without looking for the spotlight. We’re always searching for an elegance worthy of those who wear our clothes. Beauty must be a comfort, a real pleasure. We also think that ours is, for all intents and purposes, a DAILY product, to wear every day, but also on special occasions, be it a cocktail party, a dinner, an event… with the right accessory, of course.

What motivated you to create Vicario Cinque?

Ours is a consolidated experience thanks to thirty years in the business as an agency for clothing representation and distribution. It was high time to create a brand with the features that have proven to be the key to success for a number of years: style, product, service. We named it Vicario Cinque to honor the house of the Vicar, built
in the year 1300 – our headquarters on the hills of Vicenza. We thought it was a great way to express our connection to the territory, our culture and our people.

Why is the territory so important to you?

Our territory is rich in clothing experience – many important companies dealing with fabrics and products have their headquarters here in Veneto. This was the land of the Serenissima and its refined habits and customs, Palladio… let’s not forget that our region hosts incredibly beautiful and breathtaking historic villas, very rich in art.

Sustainability is increasingly becoming a central theme in the fashion industry, what does it mean to you?

To us, sustainability means creating an ethical product, pet free and eco- friendly. We do not use a single item of animal origin, their exploitation is unacceptable to us. At the same time we use natural fabrics in order to reduce our environmental impact and improve product experience. Everything is then worked on in a short and controlled supply chain, rigorously Made in Italy.

How’s the brand going to grow in the next ten years? will you look towards the male fashion industry?

I’m working with a team at the apex of its professional career, a team that matured a lot of experience over the years in the always tough job to “dress life”. Its great sense of aesthetics will take Vicario Cinque very far, towards being a real Lifestyle Brand that’s not limited to clothing but improves our homes and features distinctive fragrances. So is the male fashion industry in your sights? It’s a question we get a lot, and my answer is: “well… the name does lend itself to it…”.